What are you driven by – Can you decide?

Do you know how to make a real decision?.. or do you just dip your toe in half expecting to fail..?

What do you choose to be your motivating feeling and emotion?

Is it one to make you move forward.. or one to make you shrink back?

The power of the questions you ask yourself.. whether you want to focus on the negative less inspiring aspects.. or the positive moving forward and growing aspects.. the choice always lies with you, no matter what circumstances arise.

Who is right: the man who thinks he can.. or the man who thinks he can’t?

They are both right. They have both chosen what they think.. and what they think will direct and dictate their behaviours and actions.

How do you want to condition yourself.. Do you want to condition your repetition muscle to put you in a more consistent peak state.. moving you towards getting what you want more freely?..

Or do you want to be conditioned for more of the same old same old..?

Your peak state can inspire and motivate those around you, let alone yourself. It’s wonderful having choices. It’s wonderful being alive. It’s wonderful to connect and live with inspiration.

So the question isn’t “Can you decide..?”.. you can always do that.. you’re doing it every minute of the day.. you’re even doing it right now.

The question is “what will you decide”.. What state are you going to allow to rule you?