Getting what you want – Finding a Mentor like Jack Canfield


This is such an insightful video for getting and becoming what you want.

We all have mentors in one way or another. Firstly it’s our parents, an authority figure you look up to and follow and admire. The it’s your primary school teacher. The it’s Britney Spears on TV 🙂 (or whoever you admire).. Most of this is unconsciously molding us.

But you can also take a conscious and decisive approach just like Jack talks about in the video.

Finding someone who’s achieved something you really desire to achieve.. whether financially, vocation, relationship, emotionally.. whatever areas or combination of areas you admire.. then touch base with them.

See if you can connect with them for 10 minutes per week.. and gradually increase it over time. This is taking charge of fulfilling your desires in a conscious progressive way by actually taking action, not just dreaming and imagining.

Visualisation is very useful, but with out conscious action, setting action steps and milestones you could be lost with the fairies.

And yes fairies have their place too.. especially if that’s all you want.

But I’m sure you know that you have that power deep inside you waiting to burst out. Waiting to take decisive action.

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