Interview with Brian Tracy – Persistence


This is an interview with Brian Tracy in 2007 regarding the need for persistence whilst not entertaining those people that are like energy vampires, bleeding you dry.

He refers to many business owners that have run at least 17 businesses before they have become a millionaire success.

Now I agree this may not be everyone’s goal, but it does highlight the fact that many of us just give up and fall by the wayside in whatever we’re doing.. whether that’s to do with work, business, social activities, relationships, dealing with less than good healthy habits or even simply building self-confidence.

As with the eventual successful business owners that took 17 businesses to get the right one for them, many things in life you will find will be the same.

You may have tried one or two relationships and found it heart-ache and headache time and again, always seeming to attract or get into relationships that pull you down and pull you apart. As with the 17 businesses, it’s not saying you’ll have to have 17 relationships to get it right, but it does highlight the process, that over time and through experience you can start to uncover clearly what you do and don’t want, what is and isn’t right for you. Whether you’re just lazy and not putting the effort in or the partner you’re with would be much happier in a different relationship just as much as you. Everything takes work and consistent effort, but we must be open to the fact that like the 17 businesses this one might not be the right one for both of you.

The 17 businesses are just like the finding out what you are.. who you are.. and in what way can you make something flourish. And yes it is built and made strong from on all the mistakes and failures you’ve learned from, but I mean really learned from in the past.

There is a saying that defines many things I’ve done and I’m sure you may recognise it too. “INSANITY is doing the same thing time and again, day after day but expecting different results.”

Relationships can be just like that, going for the same things time and again, doing the same things time and again and expecting your partner to act and respond differently, when in the past all this has failed and fell apart. You choose the same kind of guy or girl, you do what you always do and expect it to all turn out different. ARE YOU INSANE?

An easy way to learn quickly and simply is by noting down what does and doesn’t work for you, keeping a daily Journal or Life Book. This can help you break unhelpful habitual habits keep you go round and round making you insane.

The same can be applied to the areas in life that you seem to lack some level of self-confidence in, repeating your age old little stories in your head over and over again like a broken record time and again. Going round in circles can start to make you dizzy.


Be clear on what you want. Where you want to go. Write it out. Keep a Journal and note your experiences and realisations down every day. Remind yourself of a clear vision you’re after, you desire, you want. Become clearer and clearer on that vision in what ever areas of your life you so desire.

Everyday note down and celebrate what you have done that moves you towards your goal, your vision. Don’t criticise yourself or run yourself down, just acknowledge the slightest and littlest efforts you’ve made towards your vision each and every day. Plan out tomorrows next steps and soon you’ll be getting and having it all.

But the key is persistence. The key is not giving up, it is to keep going, to keep clear on where you’re going and what you want. The pathways may change, the terrain may alter along the way, and your vision may become clearer and have a different shape than when you first started but your baby steps once made and noted each and every day, morning and night will soon become strides and bounds.

Your confidence will soar, your self-belief will amplify and your love of life will be something that people will be drawn to.

Is it easy?.. No.. Is it challenging?.. Hell yes.. Is it worth it?.. Only you can find that out for yourself.. but I can say from experience the journey is fabulous.

Just like the 17 businesses, you don’t give in on what you want, what you strive for, you persist, you keep moving with conscious effort. And your Million will be somewhere along the way.. whether your Million is an ideal partner, is getting paid what you’re worth, is sharing and feeling love, is spending quality time with your kids and family, is having holidays exploring exciting parts of the world, even if your Million is having the time to help under privileged kids or feeding the homeless.. only you can know the right vision for you. And your vision will be individual to you and you alone.

Why live another day not knowing REALLY what you want, what your ideal vision is and could be.. To be a success, a REAL success is to just taking one step towards it.

One step of getting your note pad out and thrashing out what your heat and soul desires and yearns for. Tomorrow you can take one more step and move closer to it.

One, two or three steps a day are the foundations of persistence. But those steps are to be taken every day, not 3 days per month or year.

If you really want it all, you can have it all. Be persistent, consistent.. regular small steps over time become leaps and bounds into a vision and a life you can design for yourself. You were put on this planet to live your life to the full, and hold nothing back.

If you live your life to the full you will be sharing a gift that will make a difference not only to you but to everyone you know.