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It is said by many of the most affluent and successful movers and shakers that “Mindset” is the key to your money, wealth and prosperity situation. It set your wealth gauge in your past, it set it right now and it will continue to set it for all your years to come.


So on that note I’ve researched many of the top dogs as it were in the money, wealth and prosperity stakes. One of the guys I came across, who is worthy of note, is a guy called Mike Dillard. As a mover and shaker in his late 20’s, he moved from a position of waiting tables in a restaurant to being a millionaire within 18 months, and after 6 years he is now generating $15m per year. Now for some this on the surface is a show of some level of excellence and achievement, and for others it still leaves them questioning. Mike’s achievements may not be everyone’s aim or desire,  but his insights on mindset are a goldmine of practical wisdom that is definitely worth looking at.. (they can literally be applied to any part of your life)..

Below is a long quote of Mike’s talking about mindset..

You can find out more about his views on the world economy here also..

Let’s dive into your relationship with money, and the mindset you’ll unlock in order to become truly wealthy…

YOUR destiny is unlimited abundance if you’re a simply willing to accept that gift.

Step #1: Forget The Past, And Forget The Present.

Your past and present circumstances have nothing to do with your future.

The first thing you need to realize, is that whether you were rich or poor growing up doesn’t matter. No one within my family tree has ever been what I consider wealthy, and all of the rich kids I envied back in high school are living uninspired lives of financial mediocrity, or even poverty today.

I filled out my first job application and started bussing tables the day I turned 16.

I was an average B/C student in high school.

My first semester in college resulted in a failing, 1.3.

I spent the next 5 years taking summer school to make up the math, finance, and economics classes that I had continued to fail 2-3 times each, until I finally graduated with a 2.0.

After graduation, I spent the next five years failing in my network marketing businesses, and bouncing from one corporate job to another in order to pay the rent.

The only furniture I had in my apartment consisted of a bed, and desk, and a small TV perched upon a food tray. The entire living room was nothing but bare carpet for years.

I did my laundry at the local laundromat, and my diet consisted of frozen vegetables mixed into ramen soup, or $.99 cent boxes of Kraft spaghetti.

At my lowest point, I had to pawn the mountain bike that I had won two State Championships on in high school, just to pay for groceries.

Looking at me from the outside, I was nothing, and a no one.

But deep inside at my core, I held an unwavering belief that I would be a millionaire before 30, and that I would change the world for the better.

Despite my situation at the time, and despite the fact that no one in my family had ever achieved that kind of wealth before, I believed that I deserved to be rich and that nothing could stop me.

One day in my youth, I made a conscious decision that wealth was in my future, and from that moment on I was rich. It simply took reality six years to catch up to that decisive moment.

The reality you live in today, is simply the physical manifestation of the thoughts and beliefs you’ve held for the past five years.

Your reality five years from now, will be a result of the new thoughts and beliefs you decide to adopt today.

So Step #1 to acquiring wealth, is to make the conscious decision right now, to let go of your past and let go of your present.

It doesn’t matter if you came from money or not, and it doesn’t matter if you’re poor at this very moment.

Accept the belief that you deserve to be wealthy, and that you will become wealthy, even if you’re not sure how it will happen just yet.

This will set your subconscious on a mission to create your new reality. You’ll start to make different choices, and better decisions that will lead you toward your goal.

An incredible book on this topic that will help you make this transition is Pyscho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Matlz, which you can find here.

Step #2: Realize What Money Truly Is…

For most people in this world, money is this scarce, and all-powerful force that controls every aspect of their life.

Money is their master. It controls them. It determines the quality of life they get to experience, and some people are just luckier to get more of it than others.

You see this every time you step into a Wal-Mart…

The people who shop there are obsessed with saving every penny they can, because they see money through the eyes and mind of scarcity. Saving 10 cents on a bag of chips is the only control or power they have over the money that comes into their lives.

They are subservient to their boss, to economic times, to prices, and to money itself.

Money has the power, and they are lucky to acquire and save any that comes their way.

The rich think differently.

They believe and accept that they have the power to change and shape their lives as they wish. Money doesn’t own their lives, they own the money. They have the power.

To the rich, money is nothing more than dirty paper.

Now in reality, money is a physical representation for energy and value.

And energy can never be destroyed. It can only be transferred from one state to another, or one source to another.

And That Leads Me To Step #3…

If money can never be destroyed, that means it is infinitely and abundantly available.

A critical step to acquiring wealth, is to have an “abundance mentality”.

And that simply means you realize your life and the world has an unlimited abundance of money, wealth, energy, happiness, hope, and prosperity.

And that these things are not privileges of a lucky few, but they are available to all.

It’s this mindset of abundance that allows you to destroy the one thing that’s holding you back… Fear.

Fear of loss when it comes to your job or an investment.

Fear of judgment.

Fear of mistakes.

Letting go of scarcity means letting go of fear, and that is when you can open up your heart and mind to creation and abundance.

The only prerequisite that’s required to experience true abundance in your life today, is that you accept that it exists within your reality.

And your reality is simply the way you see the world.

If you see money and opportunity as scarce resources, they are.

If you see money and opportunity as unlimited and free-flowing, they are.

Rich people focus on attracting more money to get what they want. Poor people focus on saving what little money they have to get what they can afford.

Which belief you subscribe to, will determine if you’re rich or poor.

You’ll know when you live a life of abundance when money no longer controls your emotions because you know that you can always attract more.

When you’re willing to burn $1,000 without a feeling of loss, you get it.

When the answer to a problem becomes “let’s just make more money”, instead of “let’s save more money”, you get it.

When, “we can’t afford to buy that”, turns into, “how can we buy that?”, you get it.

When the answer to every question in life becomes “yes”, instead of “no”, you get it.

And when you can let go of that emotional attachment to money, you’ll see the process of making money like the rich do, which is simply as a game.

You know, for years I heard Robert Kiyosaki say over and over again, that making money is just a game.

And that wasn’t a descriptive phrase or analogy. He meant that in a literal sense.

Because when you live in a reality of abundance, where money is infinite, it truly is just a game. At the end of the day, none of it really matters.

You can’t take it with you, and it’s the last thing you’ll be thinking about on your death-bed.

I finally figured out what Robert meant when I let my emotional desire for money go.

Instead, I started focusing on putting energy and value out into the world, by sharing my experiences and knowledge about online marketing with thousands of people through email, through video, and through courses I created.

When I stopped focusing on pulling money in, and instead focused on putting energy and value out, money flooded toward me.

This is the time in my life when I went from waiting tables, to making 7 figures within 18 months.

You get what you give.

So how do you foster and develop that abundance mentality? Well that leads us to…

Step #4: Choose Your Friends Wisely.

You’ve probably heard the saying that you’re income is destined to be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

This is absolutely correct.

Our minds are like sponges that are constantly absorbing every piece of stimulus we encounter, either consciously or unconsciously.

If you’re to adopt a view of the world based upon abundance, you have to constantly surround yourself with people who see it the same way, or the poverty view held by the average person will infect your mind.

To become rich, you must surround yourself with people who are already rich, because you will adopt the ideas, beliefs, and mindset of the people you spend the most time with, (including the people found on TV, in books, or on tape), which will lead you to make similar decisions, which will lead you to assume a similar life and lifestyle.

Obviously that might be difficult to do in person, but the great news is that your time spent with the wealthy of the world, doesn’t need to take place in person.

All that matters is the amount of exposure, whether it’s by reading a book, watching videos here at The Elevation Group, or listening to CD’s in your car.

You must consciously protect yourself from people with a poverty mentality, and open your mind to those with an abundance mentality immediately.

Being a dedicated member of The Elevation Group is a major step in the right direction.

Step 5: It Is Your Obligation To Be Rich.

It’s seems like there’s always been a divide or conflict between money and religion.

As if being rich means that you cannot be righteous. As if a lust for money, means there is no love for God.

I’m not here to teach or preach religion, but I will simply share my personal feelings with you on this particular topic.

As I stated at the beginning, the true measure of your wealth is found in your ability to manifest and create the world around you to fit your vision of what I’ll call, “Your Greatest Life”.

Do you have the means to freely create and design?

It is my firmest belief that God wants each of us to be rich, so that we can experience the incredible gifts that he has created for us.

It’s not about having or not having “things”. It’s about the experience.

I did not buy extravagant cars so I could look cool, or prove my superiority. I bought these cars because I want to experience the absolute best that life has to offer.

And I’ve found that people who have come to understand abundance, feel the same way.

So here’s a little story to help me explain what I’m talking about…

John lived a perfectly average life. He had two loving children. He made around $80,000 per year which he used to provided food, clothing, and a warm home for his family in a typical suburban community, filled with dozens of other families who shared this typical life.

John went to church every week, where he was taught that the pursuit of money and material things was evil, and that he should be a humble servent of God and nothing more.

Every Saturday night, the family would pile into his Honda Accord and they would have a nice $80 dinner once a week at their favorite local restaurant.

And on the way to the restaurant, they would pass by a wealthy gated neighborhood filled with million dollar homes, and driveways that held Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, and Lamborghini’s.

John’s son Timmy would ask, “Dad, why can’t we have a big house or fast cars like those?”

And John would always reply…

Timmy, money doesn’t bring you happiness. People get jealous, and you have to pay more in taxes. Be grateful for the things God has given us. Go to church, be a good Christian, and you’ll be rewarded in Heaven.

And so they did.

Then one day many years later, John quietly passed away at the age of 75 with his loving family at his side.

And upon entering Heaven, he had his first conversation with God…

John said, “God… I’ve lived a good and humble life in your name, so that I may experience the wealth and riches of Heaven.”

And then God Replies…

“Yes John I know, and I’m not happy about it…

Frankly, I’m offended.

I blessed your fellow man with the knowledge and talent to build you Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, and Lamborghini’s so you could experience the best cars in the world.

I blessed the Earth with fertile lands so the world’s finest grapes could be grown, and turned into amazing wines for you to drink…

I blessed Da Vinci and Monet with the ability to create the most magnificent art in the world, so you could hang their paintings on your walls and admire it.

I dotted crystal blue oceans with pristine islands and 5-star hotels so you could relax with your family and take in the beauty that I have created for you without care or hardship.

I blessed countless architects with the ability to design and build your dream home, so that you could live in comfort.

I blessed the world with an infinite supply of money and wealth that you could conveniently exchange for these gifts.

And most important of all, I blessed you with free will and a strong mind so you could choose to experience all of the abundance I had placed before you throughout your life.

But you didn’t.

I created all of this for you, and you ignored it.

Hell, I even made sure you drove past them each and every day on your way to work so you could see what you’re missing out on!

But you were too afraid of what other people would think or say about you.

Instead, you took pride in your ability to live without them, and that saddens me because you did not choose to experience the best I had created for you.

Yes, there are gifts waiting for you here in Heaven, but the Ferrari’s are back on Earth, and unfortunately you only get one life to experience these treasures.”

God wants you to be Rich. God wants you to experience the best that life has to offer you. That is His gift to each of us.

We’re only here for a short time, and I personally feel like it would be an insult to Him, if I did not do my absolute best to see, and experience all of the amazing things he’s created on this world.

If I’m not driving the best, eating the best, drinking the best, seeing the best that life has to offer, and helping my fellow man do the same, I’m insulting his generosity, and I’m turning my back on what he’s trying to share.

God is by definition a creator.

Which means the closest you can ever get to God, is when you allow yourself to use the gifts he’s given you, to design and create your greatest life.

Whether they are your friends, your family, or your coworkers, DO NOT let other people’s poverty mentality infect your mind or your spirit. They are slaves in a prison of their own making, because they do not have confidence or belief that they deserve all that life has to offer.


If you want to know more about the works of Mike and The Elevation Group you can find out more here.


Being open to consider various other view points can have the effect of propelling you to whole new world of endless possibilities. As with anything in life, you don’t have to accept anything if it doesn’t fit, and yet just asking the question, “What else is possible?”.. can start opening you up to receiving.

It’s said that the universe is constantly showering up on you an abundance of gifts, and if they’re not being received, all that’s needed is a simple shift. That shift is a willingness to open up to receiving.

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