Motivated or Inspired – What’s the difference?

Do you try to motivate people at work.. motivate your family.. your kids.. your friends..?

What a difference it would make to inspire them.. How do you inspire those around you..?

Do you try to motivate for selfish reasons.. or do you inspire for the good of all of you..?

It’s quite a subtle difference at first glance.. But what a world of difference it is in practice.

Watch out for it during this week.. see what the difference is between motivating and inspiring..

..and watch out for the difference both in response and inside your heart.

It’s always good to take a breather.. stand back and take a fresh look once again.

I’d love to simply inspire my kids.. but motivate them is more of what I do, so it’s going to be fun considering inspiration.

Isn’t just looking words up in a dictionary a wonderful little exercise for seeing anew!