Richard Branson at the National Achievers Congress

Get a front row seat and see Richard in London on July 2nd


Richard’s got such a clear and simple view of doing business it’s quite an inspiration. I’ve dug in and read a few of his books, I’ve even took a plane to see him in Canada in 2009 live.

Strangely enough I must admit he’s quite an inspiration just to listen to, and his insightful, hype-free genuine insights on business are gems to hear, digest and apply.

Listening to a man that believes he can do whatever he puts his mind to with the help of the right people has a certain energy to it. It’s an uplifting energy.

Believing you can do and achieve whatever you want is quite freeing, especially from those taunts of doubt.

And being free is a wonderful feeling for action to arise from. Whether you’re in business or not I would recommend just being in the same room as Richard when you get the chance, you’ll take away far more than some business insights.

For me it’s impacted the way I bring up my kids let alone do business.

I’ve heard it whispered on the grape vine that you can see Richard in London on or around the 2nd of July (I found the info with more details here).

So: “What if the world was your oyster, and you believed you could do whatever you put your mind to.. could you make an impact to positively effect the lives of others..?”

Personally I think this is an ideal opportunity to see and meet Richard in London… no plane flights for me this time around. There’s even a chance of having drinks and a meal with him, if you choose to.

Just to experience the type of energy this man has about him is an instruction in itself.

There’s more details of location, times and a choice of options here.

Let me know what you think.. if you do choose to go let me know… we could meet up for lunch.

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