The only thing you have to fear, is fear itself?

Have you been paralysed by excuses in the past? I know I have. I’ve been paralysed by excuses, one thing after another. And it’s even stopped me from doing things that I desperately want to do.

I’ve had plans to change my business and move on, but I’ve kept dropping back on one excuse or another. I set myself a goal to close one of my businesses by December 2009, so that I can move my life towards the picture I have for it… but I wish I had seen this video below first…

Because I still kept putting it things off, until eventually I realised that fear had taken a hold. I had set myself goal, not just any goal… a goal with a deadline and a specific outcome aimed for (time specific, action specific, outcome specific). It was only because I’d given my self a deadline with a specific outcome in mind that I actually followed through.

I’ve done it now, but I can see I’m still holding on in one shape or another. Why do we make things so complicated?

It feels so difficult to let go fully, especially letting go of something I’ve been holding on to for so long. My mind knows it’s time to let go, but there’s still that fear of the unknown.

Then I stumbled across this Will Smith interview medley, full of inspiring insights. Yes it’s 9 minutes long.. but it’s well worth watching from start to finish…(see above)

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