The power of the subconscious mind on a Colorado Dark Knight

The power of the subconscious mind on a Colorado Dark Knight (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)Mindset training is a precious gift that can be used for good or even misdirected towards destructive ends when disturbing influences have infiltrated the subconscious mind. The recent shooting at the Colorado Dark Knight film showing highlights the power of the subconscious mind when not kept in check.

But can we learn from such disturbing events? Can understanding the power of the subconscious mind here us recognise if a healthier reprogramming is needed?

The power of the subconscious mind on a Colorado Dark Knight

 The NZHerald had this interpretation of events:

The shooting suspect who went on a deadly rampage inside a Colorado cinema planned the attack with “calculation and deliberation,” police said, receiving deliveries for months which authorities believe armed him for battle.

So it appears that this killers mind had been reflecting and contemplating this event for some time well in advance and not only that he had consistently took action along the way.

Authorities on Saturday removed dangerous explosive materials from inside James Holmes’ Denver apartment a day after police said he opened fire and set off gas canisters in a cinema minutes into the premiere of the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. The attack left 12 people dead and 58 injured.

His apartment was rigged with jars of liquids, explosives and chemicals that were booby trapped to kill “whoever entered it,” Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said, noting it would have likely been one of his officers.

So it is quite scary how a mind can conceive of such an elaborate event and the extent to which a person guided by the impressions in their mind can go.

Holmes had recently withdrawn from a competitive graduate programme in neuroscience at the University of Colorado-Denver, where he was one of six students at the school to get National Institutes of Health grant money. He recently took an intense three-part, oral exam that marks the end of the freshman year of the four-year program there.

In a resume posted on, Holmes listed himself as an “aspiring scientist” and said he was looking for a job as a laboratory technician.

The resume, first obtained by The Press-Enterprise in Riverside, paints a picture of a brilliant young man brimming with potential: He worked as a summer intern at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla in 2006 and mapped the neurons of Zebra finches and studied the flight muscles of hummingbirds while an undergraduate at the University of California, Riverside. He also worked as a summer camp counsellor to underprivileged children at a Jewish camp in Los Angeles in 2008.

Security increases following the deadly rampage by a gunman inside a Colorado screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ early this morning.So the profile of this man is not what you would initially describe as that of a killer. It describes a developing and achieving intelligence rather than someone that has failed to accomplish anything notable in their life so far. And the description of ‘brimming with potential’ highlights that inner power that was being gradually uncovered.

So do you find it surprising that such a person created this elaborate killing spree? If a man can accomplish academic achievements, apply his mind to make notable strides forward, even for the good of others – what would trigger a misdirection to such a destructive outcome?

…neighbours and former classmates in California said although Holmes was whip-smart, he was a loner who said little and was easily forgotten until this week.

So what does this describe? Does this describe someone that lacked a level of social skills? Does this describe someone hindered by a certain level of sel-image issues that got in the way of connecting with others?

It was reported that when arrested he said, “I’m the Joker.”

The impressions that we ‘hold’ in our minds will and do direct our actions over time. In a number of the preceding Batman movies the Joker in the movie did perform similar acts of attack that Holmes himself performed.

What do you feed your subconscious mind?How many times Holmes reflected and contemplated these images is unknown. But a method of consciously programming and reprogramming the subconscious mind involves the use of images and visualisations. So if Holmes was a loner, and by definition found connecting with other people on a more substantial level difficult – he may have had a low self image program running.

Now with low self esteem it is not unusual to wish you were like someone you admire who displays the confidence you desire.

[information]The Joker was an engineer in a chemical plant who was disfigured when he fell into a vat of chemicals[/information]

Now Holmes may have found a level of affinity with the Jokers fictional background. The Joker in the Batman stories of the 1940’s and 1950’s took the path of being a mass murderer that left behind smiling corpses in his wake because he considered himself a victim of an unsuccessful try at being a comedian on the stage.

[attention]Who do you identify with as a role model?[/attention]

Holmes would naturally of wanted to reflect and contemplate on himself as being ‘more significant’, and the food that he kept feeding his subconscious mind was far more toxic than helpful. If a slight shift had been made in Holmes mental and physical reality much earlier there may of never been a shooting on a Colorado Dark Knight movie showing.

The power of the subconscious mind

The power of the subconscious mind can change any life dramatically and substantially. It works very much like the tending to a farmers field. It gets ploughed and planted with seeds. When you tend to the field, and nourish those seeds planted nothing is seen for a while, so it could be easy to give up. But with a level of perseverance, the roots establish themselves and grow unseen underground for quite sometime. Then, as if all of a sudden, the first sprouts breakthrough and become known.

If you continue to nourish and tend to the newly growing plants a substantial harvest will develop and become unshakeable.

It’s a shame for everyone involved that Holmes chose such a toxic and destructive set of seeds to sow and tend to. It’s a shame that he did not have the responsiveness and awareness to understand and take note and action that a much more healthy level seeding and subconscious reprogramming was desperately needed.

And even more so that the others around him could of, if consciously aware, offered him other mental food, options and opportunities.

For me I see and recognise the importance of subconscious reprogramming, the seeding process and the conscious awareness of connecting with a loner from time to time. You never know you might do more good than you could ever imagine.

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