Trying Fresh New Ways – Steve Nash


Do you feel you waste your time?

Do you try different things and fresh new methods?

Steve Nash (the basket ball player) has an approach to life and sport where he does not just stay where he’s at. He try’s new things, stretches himself, keeps everything fresh and takes full responsibility for doing that.

He’s competing with himself to improve himself and his game of life.

Once you stay in your own comfort zone does life start to become duller? Does the spark and the aliveness you once had everyday start to die?

Is the stretching yourself the re-awakening and reliving that curious happy child in yourself.. that wide-eyed child that has a great sense of wonder and interest at all that life presents?

I know I may be walking and talking, but sometimes something inside me is asleep.. That wide-eyed awakefulness has died.. The great love of life has died..

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Are you in need of getting that spark back into your life?

I know that if I can do it.. you can too.

If you’re interested to see Steve Nash’s approach in action and how it relates to his world of practice you can watch one of his training sessions here. Even if you’re not into basketball or sport there is a lot in this video where you can draw inspiration on becoming the best you in all aspects of life.

What do you work on?

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