Why do people fail in life? Les Brown puts it simply


Is there a straight forward series of steps you can take that help you succeed in life?

What is it you aim for? Do you have any goals?

Les Brown in this video talks about aiming too low in life.

Do you set yourself big goals.. or do you set low or no goals at all..

I know I’ve had many phases in my life where I’ve just meandered around without any direction and feeling completely un-fulfilled and wondered why I had no enthusiasm or drive.

I think the phrase is”miserable git”.. Has this ever crept in to your life from time to time?

Have you ever set your vision so low and hit the target feeling as though you’ve failed?

But you couldn’t of failed.. you set a target and hit it.. which means you can set a vision and achieve it.

So why not set yourself a bright bountiful vision and hit that instead.

1,000’s of people have testified to this. Most of the people you see in the public eye have followed this process.

Many of the people that you meet that have enthusiasm and passion are doing this.

And you could be doing this a greater levels along the way. Today is such a wonderful day.

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